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Twas the Night Before Black Friday

23 November 2017

Twas the night before Black Friday, when all through the land, 

People’s spending was getting seriously out of hand.

I must buy more things while the prices are low,

More shoes, clothes and make up, some bedding, a throw,

I know I don’t need them but I can always do with more,

It doesn’t matter about money, that’s what credit cards are for.

I have seen so many adverts I really can’t resist, 

Finally I can get everything in my Amazon wish list.

Half price, 70% off, their best price yet,

If I’m good for a few months after, I will soon pay off the debt.

I’ve been shopping for hours and I’ve bought so much stuff, 

But there’s still more to get, it’s never enough.

Brands are set to spend a record £6 billion on their advertising this Christmas and with the average person exposed to 4,000 marketing messages per day, it is easy to see why the UK has taken to Black Friday. 

Sales can be great, particularly if there is something that you have wanted or needed for a long time and it finally gets reduced. However, it is easy and dangerous to fall into the trap of unconscious shopping. So on the eve of Black Friday, take a moment to think about whether you really need to buy anything at all. If not, why not consider taking part in Buy Nothing Day instead or even better, turn it into Buy Nothing Weekend.

Enjoy being outside. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn to get to the shops before the crowds, why not wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise. Why not enjoy spending time with friends and family, after all that is what the festive season is about. Or why not simply curl up on the sofa and read that book you have been meaning to read all year.

Whatever you decide to do, try to really enjoy your weekend making memories rather than getting caught in a shopping frenzy buying stuff that you don’t need. 



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