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19 March 2017

I have become obsessed with watching minimalism documentaries and although the extreme form of it isn’t for me, it has really made me stop and think. 


I have listened to a lot of people’s stories on minimalism and although they have different triggers for why they adopted this new way of life and some have taken more extreme measures than others, they all follow the same principle – less is more.


The idea has really resonated with me and since then, I have started going through my belongings and identifying things that I really don’t need anymore and donating them to charity or throwing them away. I have unexpectedly found that I get the same thrill from picking things to remove from my wardrobe that I did when I initially put them in. I have stopped browsing online shops and have tried to spend more time outdoors and relaxing.


Although I know that I will never be a minimalist, I really want to adopt part of that mindset and focus less on buying new clothes, shoes and handbags and focus more on doing things that bring happiness and contentment.

If you’re having a bad week or are generally just feeling a bit down, it is very easy to try and fix this with a little treat to yourself. This is definitely something I do but it is only a temporary pick-me-up, it doesn’t fix the problem and certainly isn’t great for the bank balance, although it does explain my lack of wardrobe space!

Sometimes a good walk in the countryside, some fresh air and spending time with family and friends is all you need to clear your head and remember what is important.


It is all too easy to get caught up on the everyday stresses of life but for the most part, they are not the important things. It is your health (mental and physical), relationships and wellbeing that really matter.


This mindset isn’t just about having less possessions but focuses on intentional living. Making conscious decisions and living in the moment rather than letting everything pass with a blur with your eyes glued to your phone. Noticing the sound of birds chirping rather than it being muted by the sounds of Spotify in your ears. Making time to read a good book or have a long soak in the bath or whatever else you like to do that relaxes your mind rather than staring blankly at the television screen watching something you won’t even be able to recall the next day. Focusing your energy on bettering yourself – learning a new language or instrument, joining a club or getting fit, rather than accepting things as they are.


I’m not saying that I don’t ever want to go shopping again or marathon watch a television series, but I want to focus my energy more on doing things that make me happy and healthy, and living in the moment, noticing what is around me and appreciating the little things.

Don’t just drift through life. Live intentionally and on purpose. ~ Joshua Becker


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