Tenerife – Part 1

9 July 2016

My family and I had booked to go on holiday to Tenerife to celebrate my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. We haven’t had a big family holiday in years so I was really looking forward to it. Saturday was dedicated to the usual pre-holiday preparation – getting my hair cut, painting my nails and of course packing the suitcase. As with every holiday, I convinced myself that I had packed lightly until I put my suitcase on the bathroom scales! With the realisation that my suitcase somehow weighed 32 tonnes, I reluctantly parted with a couple of dresses but mostly took advantage of Anthony packing really lightly and filled the rest of his case.

We opened a bottle of champagne to have with our dinner, the perfect start to the holiday. As expected, our plan to be asleep by 9pm in preparation for our super early start on Sunday didn’t quite work out and I ended up getting just over an hour’s sleep. I was so excited though that I didn’t mind. Our taxi came at 2.30am and took us to Gatwick. We checked in, went through security and had breakfast at The Grain Store. I had the chia seed porridge with honey, cinnamon, blueberries and bananas, I usually go for a full english before going on holiday but I actually felt much better for having chosen a healthy option, plus it was really yummy!

The flight seemed to go on forever and I couldn’t get comfy so I was so relieved to finally arrive in Tenerife. We had arranged for a private transfer to pick us up and take us to the hotel, I love the journey from the airport as it’s full of excitement and anticipation for what the week has in store.


We arrived at Hotel Suite Villa Maria and were greeted at reception with a glass of champagne each, exactly what we needed after a long journey.


My parents have stayed here three times now and I have been once previously so we knew what to expect but I was still impressed with how beautiful the hotel was. It is made up of 78 villas with 2 communal pools, a bar and restaurant, it is built in the style of a Canarian village and that definitely comes across. It is also so nice to have the privacy and space of your own villa with the benefits you get from staying in a hotel.


This may be one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in!


Mine and Anthony’s bathroom. This is clearly taken before I had unpacked and filled it up with my make up and toiletries.

We had lunch in the pool bar before walking down to our villa – we had a 3 bed villa with 3 bathrooms, its own pool and views of Costa Adeje golf course and the sea. After unpacking, we got straight into our swimwear and jumped in the pool. It was so nice to feel sun after a long English winter / cold Spring!


It was about 4pm by the time we sunbathed and although I put factor 30 suncream on, I completely underestimated the strength of the sun, a bad combination with my fair freckly skin and so I went back to the room very red and sore!


The boys assessing the golf course and enjoying the sun.

We got ready and walked to the restaurant for our first dinner.


I was tempted by so many things on the menu but settled for prawns in whisky sauce and rice for starter, followed by duck with stewed tomatoes for my main meal. It wouldn’t be a proper holiday without a dessert and so I ordered the chocolate brownie..always a good choice!


We went back to the villa (or in my case, I waddled after eating too much) and I played kickabout in the garden with the boys, although I’m not sure they appreciated having a girl with no football skills / interest in football joining in haha.

We were so tired after travelling and so retreated to bed very sleepy.

I had the best night’s sleep and woke up quite late as I did not want to leave the comfy bed. Knowing that I was going out to beautiful blue skies rather than joining the usual Monday morning commute to London made it slightly easier though. I had a quick swim to wake myself up before getting ready.

I had decided (i.e. kidded myself) that I would have healthy breakfasts of fruit and cereal on holiday…and then I saw how extensive the breakfast buffet was. They had everything you could possibly want, included a pigs leg (with hoof) that they carved the tastiest Iberian ham off and endless Moet champagne.


I started off vaguely healthy with muesli, fruit and walnuts but then caved at the sweet table…


…it is acceptable to have doughnuts, waffles and pancakes with chocolate sauce for breakfast isn’t it??

The first few days of the holiday were quite lazy as we settled in, enjoyed the sun and made the most of having our own pool.


Dad being a big kid in the pool.


It’s not a family holiday without 100 photos of lizards to go through when you get home.

I love getting dressed up for dinner and the food in the hotel was beautiful.



The golf buggy parked outside the hotel bar was too tempting not to jump in.

We walked into Caleta and had drinks in a bar overlooking the sea and bought some supplies at the local supermarket.


On the Wednesday, Anthony and I woke up early to try out the hotel gym. The gym has a squash court and so I was eager to play a game with Anthony, having never played before. It was so much fun and I burned the same amount of calories as I would on the exercise bike so I would definitely be interested in finding a squash court at home we could play on.

We borrowed golf clubs from reception after breakfast and played on the hotel putting green, seeing who could get the ball in, in the least number of shots.


It was mid-day by this point and so we went back to the pool to cool off. We had lunch in the villa and sunbathed / swam before getting ready for golf in the afternoon. We had arranged for the men to play a round on Costa Adeje golf course and so were driven to the golf course by a member of hotel staff on the golf buggy. Mum and I rode on the back and were flying all over the place, it was so funny.


We hired 2 buggies and Mum and I were designated drivers. Driving a golf buggy was so much fun!! If it were acceptable to drive a golf buggy on the roads at home, I would swap my Corsa in an instant (although I’m not sure how practical it would be on the motorway haha).


The golf course was so good, it looked amazing and one of the holes involved hitting the ball off a cliff side on to the green below!


Anthony getting ready for his first shot of the day.



I ran off from the golf buggy to get a picture of the local wildlife.

It took us quite a few hours to go round the course and so we didn’t finish until about 7.30pm.


We got ready quickly for dinner and headed to the restaurant.



King prawns with pesto sauce is quite possibly the perfect combination.

… Continued with ‘Tenerife – Part 2’

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