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Sunset Safari

31 July 2016

For a few weeks this Summer, London Zoo opened their gates after hours for their ‘Sunset Safari’ event. Anthony and I booked tickets for the first Friday session through the Time Out website and as I had never been to London Zoo before let their alone their evening sessions, I was so excited!

We walked past Camden canal on the walk to the zoo which looked so pretty in the sun.


You are given a map when you first walk in which outlines all of the different sessions they have on so you can plan your evening to get the most out of it. We decided to see the penguin, meerkat and otter shows and try and walk around as much of the rest of the zoo as possible.

Our first visit was to the kangaroo enclosure.


We went inside the very humid enclosure which holds sloths and ant eaters. The keeper working in this enclosure was so helpful and taught us a few interesting facts – sloths sleep for 21 hours a day and are only awake for 15 minutes at a time!!


The first show we saw was in the penguin enclosure. The presentation was actually really funny as they  used the same talk they give to the children that come in the day so a couple of people from the audience ended up at the front dressed as penguins giving the penguins and the audience a wave with their wings.


They have a glass wall at the side of the penguin pool so you can actually see them swimming and grabbing food from the bottom of the pool.


We were able to walk through the butterfly/moth keep and the butterflies flew around and landed on people’s shoulders. There was a man in there with a lightly coloured shirt that the butterflies seemed to take a shine to as they would not leave him alone!

The butterflies and moths were so beautiful and some of them were huge! The big one below lives as a caterpillar for about 5-6 weeks and then turns into this amazing moth but only lives for 1 week as it is born without a mouth!


The flamingoes had to be the prettiest animals that we saw, I have no idea how their legs hold them up!


There was a perfect rainbow as we walked to the lion enclosure.


I came across the face painting stall as we were walking around and decided that it had to be done..


I went for the blue leopard design, although I think it looks more like a peacock. I loved it so much and removed it begrudgingly before bed.


As well as face painting and a carousel ride, there were food and drink stalls in the centre and a stage for bands to play on and a seating area.


We picked our food (I went for a hog roast and Anthony had a steak burger) and we luckily found a spare giant bean bag so we made ourselves comfy and listened to the music.


There were entertainers walking around on stilts and with animal costumes on and there were fairy lights all around.


We had to walk past the Dutch pancake stall on our way out and as we hadn’t had dessert yet, it had to be done. We went for Nutella and strawberries and they were AMAZING.


I found the most amazing cushion in the gift shop for my bedroom which I thought would be a perfect souvenir of our evening and as it matched my face paint, Anthony decided to wrap some monkeys around my neck to complete the look…


I had such a good evening at the Sunset Safari and would definitely recommend a visit next Summer when it re-opens.


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