Storey Family Barbecue

28 August 2016

To celebrate my dad and aunt’s birthdays earlier this month, we invited all of the Storey family over for a celebratory barbecue. It was such a hot day and so we were able to stay in the garden all day. Summer is so good for big family get togethers, particularly as I have quite a big family and so it is much easier to fit everyone in when we can use the garden. 


As with most families, the barbecue is dad’s territory and dad didn’t disappoint. The food was amazing.


My brother helping himself to the barbecue.

I had a lean beef burger with pulled pork, cheese and fried onions on top (heaven!), pork rashers and sausages with roasted new potatoes and salad (mum’s additions). My eyes were definitely bigger than my belly though as Anthony had to help me to finish off the below.


I magically managed to find space for dessert after that huge barbecue once I saw the dessert tray. My parents had made a trip to Costco and so we had huge muffins, pastries and a supersize birthday cake.


I obviously had to try everything through the evening but started off with a slice of birthday cake.


Family days like this is why I love Summer. It was so lovely to have all of my family (minus one of my cousins who sadly had to work) round for a get-together in the sun. It was such a nice day with lots of yummy food and drink and we were so lucky with the weather!

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