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Scotney Castle – The Grounds

7 May 2017

The estate grounds were definitely my favourite part of Scotney Castle, the colours were beautiful and although the gardens are clearly well kept and looked after, it didn’t feel too ‘kept’ as some stately home gardens often do.

For me, the gardens at Scotney Castle represent a perfect balance between the work of Mother Nature and thoughtful landscaping design with the end result being a magical and beautiful garden one can escape to.

It’s coming to the end of bluebell season now but I could still see the remnants of it in some of the fields.

I spotted this unusual looking tree sticking out from behind a bush as well, I’ve no idea what it is though…

The old castle is hidden in the grounds surrounded by a mote.

It is easy to miss the castle altogether though when the mote is surrounded by beautiful flowers and the ducks are swimming so elegantly in the water.

The castle is no longer complete as some of it was taken down to help build the house, but I like the romantic look of the remains covered in greenery.

We found a duck perched on the rock wall by the castle. It didn’t seem to be phased by us walking up to it so I was able to get a photo while it was still, its emerald green coat looked amazing, sparkling in the sunlight.

I joined him for a rest and clearly curious, he came over for a closer look.

Although I understandably wasn’t as interesting to look at as the castle so he didn’t stay long…

We explored inside the remains of the castle. Unlike the house, the castle is bare inside but it still has some fascinating things to discover such as this priest hole. Father Blount lived in the castle and conducted religious services during the late 16th century, but as Catholicism was illegal then, he often had to hide in the castle’s priest holes to avoid being caught. When his hiding place was eventually discovered during a raid, he  managed to escape by jumping into the mote!

It was so peaceful sitting on the castle remains on the little ‘island’ looking out at the views and listening to the birds.

The trees were great to hang on as well…

On our walk back up to the main house, we spotted the roots to this huge and clearly very old tree. I couldn’t resist climbing inside for a closer look.

It was soon time to head back to our car but there was plenty of beauty to notice on our walk back.

I had the loveliest day exploring Scotney Castle and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Kent, or who like me, lives in Kent but for some reason has never before paid a visit. There is so much to do and I can imagine that it would be a lovely place for a picnic on a hot Summer’s day.


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