Royal Tunbridge Wells

1 October 2016

My friends and I took a trip to Tunbridge Wells for a girly day of shopping and lunch. It’s such a lovely town to visit and is full of independent boutiques and irresistible cake shops.

IMG_20160820_134913113_HDR.jpgWe came across this stall in the Pantiles selling the sweetest furniture, I love the rabbit print on these!


I love walking around book shops and so was very excited when I saw Adrian Harrington Rare Books. It was full of old hardback classic books, now I just need to have my own library room to fill up.


Tunbridge Wells has a huge 2-storey Cath Kidston store, I was in heaven!


The upstairs even had an area set up as an old fashioned bedroom with the sweetest floral bedding.


It had been lovely weather all day so we decided to walk through the park on the way back to the Pantiles..but just as we got into the park, there was a downpour. We spotted a tea shop at the end so we ran! Nothing like the lure of shelter and cake to make me run fast! Sadly the shop owners were closing and so could no longer serve cake so we waited until the rain died down and then headed off in search of cake elsewhere.


We decided to go in Shrager’s Patisserie, it is owned by Rosemary Shrager so we knew the cake would be delicious and it looked so cosy inside.


I opted for the carrot and courgette cake, largely out of curiosity. It did taste really nice, although I tried some of my friend’s chocolate cake and had slight cake envy.


Rosemary Shrager came in while we were there and she was so lovely! I need a couple more trips there now to sample the rest of the menu.

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