8 October 2016

For our last mini break of the Summer, Anthony and I stayed with some family friends in Norfolk. I managed to pack the lightest I have ever packed, I was very impressed with myself! We loaded up the car (Hughie) and brought our bikes (Betty and Bertie) along for the ride.

IMG_20160903_073852674.jpgOn our drive, we came across this pig farm and immediately stopped the car to take some photos.


The pigs have the sweetest faces, if Anthony and I win the lottery and get to buy lots of land, I will definitely have a pet pig family (and maybe some goats, alpacas, horses, ducks, peacocks, rabbits and a 101 dogs…).


I think I made friends with one of them as he joined me for a selfie.


Our family friends live in a beautiful converted barn with a cottage on the side that they use for friends and family when they visit. We unpacked our stuff and sat in their garden for tea and cake (the best way to start a holiday!).


The weather was lovely and sunny but as we knew it was meant to rain later in the afternoon, we decided not to waste any time and so got Betty and Bertie out for a bike ride. Our friends took us on a tour of their local pubs, with detours through the pretty villages on the way. Norfolk is really flat so it was absolutely perfect for cycling, I’m definitely not a fan of cycling up hills!

I fell in love with so many houses / cottages, the bike ride probably took twice as long as I kept stopping to take photos.


This house reminded me of an old fashioned doll’s house.


The first pub we stopped at was The Greyhound in Tibenham. It’s a really old quaint pub, built in 1710!


It’s based near a RAF station so there are lots of memorabilia around the pub. We sat on a bench outside and watched the small planes flying overhead.


We came across this book swap in a red phone box and thought it was such a good idea! I much prefer reading old books to new books and so I always try and buy my books second-hand online – if I had one of these boxes in my village, I would be in my element.


We spotted this truck which reminded me of a shiny oversized toy truck.


We also saw this funny / extremely creepy doll advertising ‘The Crown’. I’m glad that we passed it in daylight and sober..


The last pub we stopped at was the Burston Crown. It is really quaint and has a big pool table as you come in so we all decided to have a game.


It started to rain while we were there… then it became torrential rain, so we ended up staying there for hours and the game of pool became a tournament. There is something really cosy about being in a warm pub when it is raining outside.

This cosy feeling started to ease off though when we realised that the rain wasn’t going to stop and we were quite far from the cottage..and Anthony and I had no waterproofs. The pub owners gave us some bin bags which we used to make Anthony a ‘cape’ as his bike doesn’t have a mud guard, it was the funniest sight.

We had a table booked for dinner in the evening but as we had been holding out in the pub to avoid the rain we had to cycle straight there rather than go home first to get ready. The rain was so heavy, my hair was dripping wet and my make up had run all down my was a very attractive look for walking into the restaurant. I conveniently avoided the camera but managed to get a snap of Anthony in his ‘waterproofs’.


I felt much better after a huge bowl of macaroni cheese and some wine! We cycled back to the cottage in the dark, had warm showers and then watched a film on the sofa with hot chocolates.

After breakfast the next day, Anthony and I walked around their village of Banham.


We walked around the church grounds, looking at all of the old gravestones.


Please can I live here?!


Banham is famous for its cider production and so they have vintage cider press machines on display.


We had some home-made tea and cake back at the cottage and then wrapped up ready for a long walk and to watch some motorbike racing at a local pub.

I made a new friend on the way and had slight envy of her polka dot jacket.


After the bike racing, Anthony and I had another mini pool tournament. I managed to beat Anthony and so it is fast becoming my new favourite game to play.


After discussing my new found talents, we walked back through the country lanes to the cottage.


There were lots of blackberry bushes on the walk back so I climbed onto Anthony’s shoulders to reach the best ones at the top.


I settled in for a cosy evening with wine and a good book before a lovely dinner.


Anthony’s dad and another family friend drove up for dinner and to stay the night, ahead of their track day at Snetterton the following day.

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