The Land of the Thousand Lakes

1 November 2017

Finland is often referred to as the ‘land of the thousand lakes’ and it is not difficult to see why. Finland actually has a few more than a thousand, it has 188,000 to be precise – that is one lake for every 26 people! The combination of clear blue waters and vast woodland provides the perfect backdrop of colours for an Autumn holiday.

As you will see from my previous blog post here, our cottage for the week was on a lake and very handily, came with its own rowing boat. Eager to make the most of a clear and sunny day, we grabbed a map, compass and life jackets (all supplied by our airbnb host), made up a packed lunch, optimistically grabbed our fishing rod and headed off to find a little island to spend the day. 

Our island for the day was soon in sight.

After a long row followed by walking through ice cold water (for Anthony that is, my hard work consisted of checking the map and pointing every now and then), we pulled the boat to shore and went off to explore the island. 

The island was quite steep so we climbed to the top to get a better look.

The trees were so tall they appeared to be touching the sky. 

It was complete silence around us, it felt like we were the only two people in the world.

We spotted a campsite area at the other side of the horseshoe shaped island so Anthony went back for the boat to row it into the middle and I ventured there on foot. 

We brought the boat in and made ourselves at home for the day. 

Finland adopts a ‘freedom to roam’ policy, meaning that people have the right to explore the wilderness, set up camp and generally enjoy the countryside as long as it does not disturb the nature there or any landowners. As a result, a lot of Finnish public spaces have camp areas with a supply of firewood, shelter and even toilets.

We sat and had our lunch. There was no one else around and it was completely silent, I tried to look around and really take in the surroundings and how beautiful it all was, I didn’t want to forget anything or take it for granted.  

The water was so still that it perfectly reflected the trees and blue sky. 

It was a really sunny day so I laid on the bank reading my book while Anthony did a bit of fly fishing. 

I soon wanted to join him in the boat though so he picked me up and I rowed us around for a bit, albeit not always in the direction I was aiming.

As the sun started to set, we packed up our stuff and began the journey back to our cottage for the evening. 

Rowing back to our Finnish home for the week while watching the sunset over the lake was a perfect end to a perfect day. 

We were greeted with the sky turning a beautiful purple colour when we got back to our cabin and settled in for the night with a roaring fire and happy hearts. 

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