Half a Sixpence

12 March 2017

I have heard so many good things about ‘Half a Sixpence’ so when an email was sent around at work offering tickets, I jumped at the chance. 

I went with my friend Abbie and we booked to have dinner at Steak & Co beforehand as it was only a few doors away from the theatre.


Despite choosing to eat at a steak restaurant, neither Abbie nor I ended up actually ordering steak. I ordered the hanging chicken skewer, which was tasty but I don’t think I would order it again. It was quite greasy but I’m not sure what I expected with a dish that requires you to pour garlic butter down the skewer and comes with cheese covered chips…


After a stodgy and highly calorific meal (I say this, but I did find room for strawberry ice cream later in the evening), I was very glad that we had chosen a restaurant so close to the theatre.


We walked through the old theatre (it opened in 1903) and excitedly took our seats.


There are old posters and framed articles displayed along the corridor walls, showing just how many amazing shows and talented performers the theatre has seen.


Half a Sixpence is a musical production based on H.G. Wells’s 1905 novel Kipps: The Story Of A Simple Soul. It was first performed in the West End in 1963 and after a revival by Cameron Mackintosh, it opened at the Noel Coward Theatre in October 2016. The new production has received brilliant reviews and now that I have seen the show, I can see why.

It tells the uplifting story of Kipps, an orphan from a poor background who works long hours as a draper’s assistant but is able to live a very different life when he unexpectedly comes into money. He has the life he thought he wanted but soon realises that money doesn’t bring happiness.


It was very different to any other show I have seen before and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it when it first started, but by the end I absolutely loved it and have not stopped humming ‘Half a Sixpence’ since.

I really enjoyed the storyline and it had a really good message (it tied in well with the ‘less is more’ message from the Minimalist documentary I watched this week). The performers were also incredibly talented and they had so much energy!!


I would definitely recommend ‘Half a Sixpence’ to anyone who likes musicals and is in need of a pick me up! It is due to run until September 2017, which considering how quickly this year is going so far, will come around very soon so don’t delay in booking tickets if it’s a show you are interested in.

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