Being a Golf Caddy in Costa Adeje

9 July 2017

We were fortunate to be staying right next to Golf Costa Adeje, a championship golf course, when staying in La Caleta recently. As the men in my family all love playing golf, it seemed only right for the three of them to book a game.  

Our villa looked on to the golf course and it was always entertaining to watch the golfers go round the course, particularly when they played badly and you could see them getting more and more frustrated (not that I have any right to laugh seeing as I’m not good enough to play at all yet!). 

Anthony, Simon and Dad all played a round and I was Anthony’s designated caddy – a role I love as it requires driving a golf buggy! Click here to read my ‘Bicester and Celebratory Barbecue’ blog post, when I was Anthony’s caddy for his game of golf at Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa

It is such a beautiful golf course which meant that I was often distracted from my duties as a caddy and Anthony would have to drive himself to the next hole while I was running around with my camera lying on the floor trying to get a photo of some reeds or following birds on sports mode…

There are several large ponds on the bottom half of the golf course which is probably nerve wracking for the golfers but great for any other animal loving non-dedicated caddies like me. 

I came across these huge cobwebs around the cactus plants. The cobwebs were so thick and I saw a couple of huge black and white spiders inside them. Falling into a cactus would be bad enough but falling into a cactus full of huge spiders would be horrendous!      

The views on the golf course were so impressive that it felt like being on a film set with a fake background. 

It made me excited to be able to play myself and go on golf weekends away, although I doubt many of the more local courses allow you to play in glorious sunshine overlooking mountains and the sea.     

I would have embarrassed myself trying to hit the ball on the course but I was able to have a quick go on the putting green instead. 

I felt very lucky to have my three favourite men together and to be in such beautiful surroundings. 


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