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Georgian House Museum & Cabot Tower

13 November 2016

Whilst walking around Bristol on a recent weekend visit, we came across the Georgian House Museum. As soon as I read the sign, I knew straight away that I would love it so we stepped in to explore.


The museum is free to enter, although they accept donations so we put some money in to contribute to the upkeep. The museum is set in the former home of a Bristolian sugar plantation owner and is decorated as it would have looked around 1790. The house has 11 rooms on 4 floors with the more luxurious rooms upstairs and the basic rooms downstairs for the servants.


They had a bell system in place letting the servants know when they were needed and in which room.


This was the housekeeper’s room, where she would do her accounts, order food, do any sewing / mending that needed doing for the house as well as relaxing with a cup of tea! It looks like a really cosy room but I don’t imagine the housekeeper had a lot of free time to enjoy it.


This huge unwelcoming looking bath is what the master used every day…full of ice cold water. Despite the health benefits, I would definitely choose a nice relaxing bubble bath over this any day!


The upstairs part of the house was much more inviting. I loved the decoration of the stairway and the huge windows allow so much light in. The windows also really remind me of my old school building!


The bedroom was both grand and welcoming, what a lovely room to wake up in – especially with a roaring fire and fresh flowers on the mantelpiece every day. I don’t think I’d ever want to get out of bed if that was my room, unless it was to sit in the drawing room..


My favourite room of the house had to be the drawing room. I love chandeliers and have one in my own bedroom, albeit on a much smaller scale. I particularly like the effect of the glass beads from the chandelier on the ceiling and walls.


The study had 2 wooden desks as well as globes taking centre stage in the middle of the room.


I had so much fun walking around the Georgian House museum. The lovely staff gave us guides as we walked in but there were also information sheets in all of the rooms so it was easy to find out more information as we went around and to see how all of the rooms would have been used. There was also a room detailing the owner’s life and his stance on slavery. It was fascinating to get a glimpse into every aspect of the owner’s life and to see for ourselves what his home would have looked like at the time.

St George’s Bristol is a concert hall set in a beautiful church building from the 1820s and is almost directly opposite the Georgian House museum. The two buildings so close to each other make for such a lovely street to wander down.


After the museum, we visited Cabot Tower. The 32m high tower is set on Brandon Hill, meaning that you have to walk up a steep hill before facing the spiral staircase to the top! The stairway is not for the claustrophobic but is definitely worth it for the view at the top. It really reminded me of a princess tower and I was half expecting to find Rapunzel at the top.


The Tower has 2 viewing platforms and from the top, you really do appreciate the variety that Bristol has to offer. The colours from the trees directly below the Tower contrast beautifully against the city beyond.


After braving the stairs back down, we walked back through the park area. The squirrels are surprisingly tame so we enticed one over for a closer look.


We left our new friend and the green of the hill behind and ventured back into the main city for a bit more exploring.


I had such a lovely day, I love anything history related and I’m such a nosy parker, so combining the two with a house museum was absolutely perfect. Plus going to the top of Cabot Tower is a must when visiting Bristol, if only to appreciate the vastness of the city.


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