My First Experience of Fishing

2 October 2017

When Anthony suggested fishing recently, I had visions of us sitting by a secluded lake somewhere in the sun, with me reading against a tree and Anthony fishing by my side. My image started to fade when Anthony advised against wearing a dress and instead opting for wellies and clothes I didn’t mind getting dirty from fish slime…

We went to Keston Ponds along with Anthony’s grandparents, Rosemary and Norman and we were very lucky that it was a sunny day. 

We unloaded the car with all of our fishing stuff and set up on one of the jetties.

A pot of wriggling colourful maggots is both entrancing and gross in equal measures. 

Feeling very proud (and grossed out) after hooking my first maggot…


Anthony disgorged the fish (removed the hook from the fish) and I admired my catch before we released it back into the pond.

We caught a few more fish during the afternoon.

Once I had had enough of the fishing, I left Anthony to it and I walked around the pond with my camera. Keston Ponds isn’t particularly large but with the blue skies and the sun glistening on the water, it all looked very pretty. 

You have to put any fish that you catch at Keston Ponds back into the water so we didn’t get to bring any of our catches home to eat. So instead, we stopped at a fish and chips shop on the way home for our tea.   

We had the loveliest day with Rosemary and Norman and it was really nice to do something different with our weekend. I surprisingly enjoyed fishing despite it not quite matching my romantic image of what it would be like and will definitely be doing it again in the future. 

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