Estee Lauder – Sumptuous Knockout Mascara Review

22 October 2016

I have always been a huge fan of Estee Lauder make up so when I saw that they had a new mascara out, I had to try it. I popped into a Boots store, conveniently timed with their ‘Gift for You’ promotion, to treat myself to the new mascara as well as my trusty Double Wear foundation, and got a goody bag of gifts to take away. I wish all shopping trips resulted in extra gifts.

I have always used Estee Lauder and the majority of my make up is from EL as it is always such high quality and lasts. When I was at university and on a much tighter budget, I switched to cheaper brands but now that I’m back to EL, I actually think it’s better value for money as it lasts so much longer!

I was running low on foundation anyway and so I was very excited to see that EL at Boots had a promotion on. I was previously using ‘Sumptuous Extreme’ which I really like, but upon seeing their new ‘Sumptuous Knockout’ mascara, thought I would give it a try. If you buy 2 items, one being a skincare product or foundation, you get a free gift and so I got all of the below..for free! Whenever I am running low on foundation, I check the ‘Gift for You’ dates on the EL website so that I can coincide my purchase with one of the promotions. You can check the dates and participating stores through the following link.


The free gift included a colourful make up bag with animal key ring – the key ring excited me much more than it probably should considering my age, their ‘Rose Tea’ lipstick, a Little Black Primer to use before applying mascara, Perfectly Clean cleanser, Advanced Night Repair Eye and the much celebrated Advanced Night Repair face serum, NightWear Plus – a 3 minute detox mask which I can’t wait to try and Day Wear moisturiser – my favourite moisturiser with the most refreshing cucumber smell.

I actually have a few of the ‘Rose Tea’ lipsticks already but it is such a lovely colour which goes with everything so an extra spare for the stash will certainly come in handy.


The EL Double Wear foundation is the holy grail of foundations. It lasts all day without having to touch up at all and yet still looks natural, avoiding the ‘cakey’ look that some foundations give. Plus it has SPF 10 which is an added bonus, particularly with my fair freckly skin. I use the shade ‘Ecru’ but the staff are always so helpful and will recommend a particular colour for your skin type.


For the mascara, I actually bought the Sumptuous Mascara set as opposed to the mascara on its own. The set includes a full sized mascara, another Little Black Primer and a Double Wear Stay in Place eye pencil and is the same price as buying the mascara on its own! £25 for all of that is amazing value and is still a high quality make up product.

The brush for the mascara is quite thin with defined bristles so before even using it, I knew it would be good at getting to all of my eyelashes. Plus I loved the black matte packaging.


It comes on really easily and didn’t clump at all! The below picture is after only 1 application so didn’t take long to apply, and worked well on both the top and bottom lashes allowing me to go right in the corner.


I would definitely recommend the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout mascara and it may even be my new favourite. Anything that gives me long and thick eyelashes with minimal effort is always a winner.

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