Easter Celebrations

23 April 2017

I love Easter, partly because it means that it’s acceptable to eat chocolate at all times of the day, but also because it means more family time. We hosted the family Easter party this year and decided to have a traditional Easter egg hunt that everyone would do together. 

We spent hours before the party walking round the garden thinking of hiding places and appropriate clues. 

We did the hunt as soon as everyone arrived in case it rained later on and there is never a need to delay chocolate eating. 

Everyone joined in as a big group with people reading the clues out loud and then running off to find the next clue. 

The final clue took us to the end of the garden and hidden in the tree was a big Easter sack full of chocolate. 

We pulled the goodies down and each person collected their prize. 

The little ones also had little gold bunnies hidden around the garden that they had to run off and find. 

Before everyone had time to fill up from chocolate, it was time to light the barbecue. 

After food, we played a traditional Easter boys v girls game…of beer pong. 

I’ve never actually played beer pong before but it was so much fun, apart from when it was my turn to drink. 

My Nanny playing beer pong and clearly taking it seriously in her bunny ears really makes me giggle. 

We then decided it would be fun to make a human pyramid with some of the cousins. 

After a few failed attempts, we decided it was easier to have the littlest ones at the top with little Freddie as head of the family. 

Having successfully created a human pyramid, we got a little carried away and decided to see what other human tower creations we could make.

They all seem to start so well and end up with everyone lying on a heap on the floor.

The men then decided on a slightly safer game of football using the chairs as makeshift goal posts. 

Yes…this is the reaction of a glass window being smashed by the football. 

It wouldn’t be a Storey party without Dad’s home made false legs being dressed up for the occasion and casually left in the garden somewhere. 

As it started to get cold and dark and before anyone got injured, it was time for people to leave. 

I absolutely loved our Easter party this year. We had so much fun and everyone got to play like big kids who have eaten too much chocolate. 

I hope everyone else had a lovely Easter break too! 

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