A Day at the Beach – Costa Adeje

16 July 2017

It’s always tempting to have a lie-in when on holiday (why set an alarm when there is no early start at work?!) but if I can, I always try and get up at a good time so that the day feels nice and long. Plus doing a bit of exercise before breakfast makes me feel slightly less guilty about the pancakes with chocolate sauce with breakfast and compulsory dessert in the evening.

The other benefit of waking up early is being up in time to watch the sunrise. 

Anthony and I sat in the garden with our dressing gowns on over our gym wear and a cup of tea in hand, waiting for the sun to join us and start the day. 

It took a while (the sun was obviously tempted by a holiday lie in too), but we eventually saw the rays spill over the mountains. 

After a game of squash in the hotel gym followed by a huge breakfast, we all headed to the beach. 

Stone stacking originated as a spiritual practice, encouraging us to notice the holy ground on which we stand. 

Most of the piles along the Costa Adeje beaches are made by tourists but apparently stone stacking can be done competitively – a quick online search showed that there are even European Stone Stacking Championships.

As well as making for a good view, stone stacking is surprisingly fun. Although it is dangerously tempting to keep trying to add just one more stone which isn’t particularly wise when wearing flip flops…

Our creation looks huge when photographed on its own but slightly less impressive with the benefit of scale.

Once we accepted that our stack was as high as it was going to get, we continued on to the sandy beach.

The sea looked so blue and inviting. Unfortunately the currents can be really strong there and the red flag was up the whole time we were there. Lots of people were still swimming but I saw a lot of people get knocked off their feet going in and out (including my parents who had braved it for a cool down). 

We were soon in need of shade and so walked to La Farola del Mar for some lunch. We went to the same restaurant as last year (I still hadn’t forgotten how nice the pizzas were!) – click here for last year’s blog post.

We filled our tummies with delicious food and champagne sangria before heading back to our villa for a dip in the pool. 

After a splash about in the pool, we got ready for dinner. 

You can’t beat a relaxed evening with family, good food and champagne. It is rare that we get to spend so much time together as one big family so the holiday allowed us to really enjoy each other’s company, catch up and play silly games. 

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