Bristol Comedy Garden

25 June 2017

Last weekend, Anthony and I were fortunate enough to spend a very sunny afternoon watching very talented comedians performing in the beautiful Queen Square in Bristol.

IMG_9881_editedEarlier in the week, when browsing for things to do at the weekend I noticed tickets for sale for the Saturday afternoon show at Bristol Comedy Garden and having looked at the lineup, I immediately booked two tickets.

IMG_9873_edited_editedThe stand up is performed under the big tent but there are pop up drinks and food stalls in the open air so we turned up early to have a quick lunch and a drink before going in.

IMG_9878I hid in the shade of an umbrella while Anthony queued up for our food. There were 5 food stalls to choose from but we opted for the Jamaican food (my first experience of Jamaican food!)

IMG_9882_editedI decided on the jerk chicken and Anthony ordered the goat curry, both with rice and peas. They weren’t quite ready when the gates opened so we had to wait a little while for the food but it was worth it.

IMG_9883We ordered a cocktail and a large beer and queued to enter the big tent. I was actually relieved to see that the show was under a tent as it would have been too hot to sit outside all afternoon without being covered in our trusty P20.

We took our seats and waited for the first act.

IMG_9884Stephen K Amos was the host for the show and there were 3 other comedians on the line up.

IMG_9889IMG_9906Marcus Brigstoke was funny as always, he focused largely on politics so it wasn’t the cheeriest act but he still managed to make the audience laugh.

IMG_9891Nina Conti was absolutely amazing! I didn’t expect a lot when I saw that she is a ventriloquist comedian but she is so talented and I was crying with laughter.

IMG_9900Nina brought people from the audience on to the stage and asked them to put the masks on. She adopted a different voice and accent for each person and was so quick at responding to their movements that I initially thought that they were in on the act and that it had been pre-planned.

IMG_9903After the comedy act, we sat on the grass area outside. The sun was just starting to go behind the trees so it was a really nice temperature.

IMG_9912IMG_9909We sat with our backs to the fence, laughing about our favourite bits of the show.

IMG_9911There was such a lovely atmosphere, with a mix of people who had just watched the comedy show and those getting a drink before the evening show started.

IMG_9913_editedIMG_9918As the evening show started, we decided it was time to head home.

I love the houses in Queen Square overlooking the grass area.

IMG_9919We came across these amazing pink cottages, tucked away between the modern buildings on our walk back.

IMG_9920The Merchant Venturers Almhouses were built in 1696 for returning sailors to see out the rest of their days (a lot of sailors returned from the slave ships having gone blind or suffering from fever) but have since been converted into apartments. There is even a poem on the front wall which starts with:

Freed from all storms the tempest and the rage

Of billows, here we spend our age.

Our weather beaten vessels here repair

And from the Merchants’ kind and generous care

Find harbour here; no more we put to sea

Until we launch into Eternity.

IMG_9922We saw a little Italian restaurant with outdoor seating on our walk back to Anthony’s flat so we decided to stop for a meal outside. It was the perfect end to a great day.

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