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Bike Ride in the Cotswolds

11 September 2016

We woke up on Sunday really excited for what our holiday would have in store. The cottage owners had left us some guides to the Cotswolds so we browsed through them over breakfast and tried to plan what we were going to do.

We kept the balcony doors wide open as we kept popping out to look at the view but then as we were getting ready we noticed something pass us. A bird had flown through the balcony and straight into our bedroom! Minus the fear of being attacked / the bird leaving its mark everywhere, when it stopped to catch its breath, it made a really nice and deceivingly serene photo.


Once we were safe from any animal attacks, we had the nicest snack of baked camembert with jalapeno bread and watched Dexter on Netflix (we have just started it and have become obsessed!).


After our snack, we got our bikes out ready to explore the local area. We decided to go the old-fashioned way and follow a map rather than the sat-nav on our phones, which turned out to be a very good decision as there was no Internet the further out we got. I am absolutely useless at maps though so I left this job in Anthony’s safe hands.


We weren’t far from Soho House so made our way there first.


It has such a pretty lake and we caught sight of a duck family enjoying the sun.


We saw on the map that there is an airfield at Enfield, so we decided to head in that direction and look out for any small planes overhead.


It was such a perfect place for a bike ride. It was so quiet and peaceful and there were so many pretty spots, we were constantly stopping to take photos.


I also fell in love with so many houses!


Enstone is a really sweet little village with a lovely church.


We definitely deserved a cup of tea and a plate..or 2..of biscuits when we got back.


After dinner, we curled up on the sofa listening to the crackling of the fire and excitedly talking about our plans for the following day.

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