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An Introduction to Minimalism

14 August 2017

Earlier this year I came across the concept of minimalism and it has completely changed the way that I think about things in a way that I never thought would happen. 

I first came across it through the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix and it escalated from there. Something in me clicked after watching the documentary and I immediately wanted to look further into it. I have watched numerous videos and documentaries on YouTube and have listened to lots of podcasts (Joshua and Ryan from ‘The Minimalists’ have a weekly podcast series which goes into detail on a different area of minimalism each week, answering questions from their viewers). Becoming Minimalist is also a really good website with some really motivational and insightful articles. 

Minimalism is about removing things from your life that you do not need or use, encouraging you to break away from a consumer focused society in which we buy new things all the time without really thinking. It encourages you to stop and question your decisions and it can be applied to all aspects of your life – not just shopping. 

Minimalism is about breaking through to a simpler way of life with more intentionality and conscious decision making. 

Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~ William Morris

What I have learnt from looking into minimalism is that there is a huge variance in how extreme people take the concept. Some people are strict with it and create rules on the number of items they are allowed to own, whilst others are much freer with it but only own things that they need and/or love. A lot of the well known minimalists on social media also adopt alternative lifestyles (often made possible through their social media / blogging / youtube presence), for example Colin Wright who fits all of his possessions into a holdall and travels the world, living in a different country every 4 months, with the next destination voted for by his followers.

Whether you are a more extreme minimalist and only own 100 items and have bare white walls or whether you still have a wardrobe full of clothing and cupboards full of just your favourite things, they are all equally ‘minimalist’. Minimalism is a mindset. It is a way of living and thinking, and an intentionality behind all actions. 

Simplicity is the essence of happiness. ~ Cedric Bledsoe

This is the first post of my minimalism series. I feel much lighter and more content already and I have only just begun my minimalism journey, I hope that others find a similar benefit. 

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