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A Spontaneous Sunset

25 October 2017

Every sunset is beautiful but the sunsets in Finland were the most beautiful I had ever seen. 

When driving back to the cottage one evening, we saw a sign for parking and were simply curious what it was for as there was nothing around, and not being in a rush, we decided to drive down and see what was there. It appeared to simply be an open section in the middle of the woods to park your car, but when we got out and walked to the end, we saw the most incredible view – a vast lake perfectly reflecting the sun setting behind the autumn trees and gradually turning everything to a beautiful orange colour. We stood for a few minutes just appreciating the view, made all the more captivating by the sheer silence around. 

It’s mad to think that this little spot in an opening in the woods becomes a natural masterpiece every evening and mostly goes unnoticed while people carry on their daily lives. We are all so busy working or staring at our phone / computer screens and it is easy to forget the bigger picture, to really experience ‘life’ and to appreciate the natural beauty around us. 

Sometimes the unplanned adventures are the best. I will remember that evening for the rest of my life, standing with the person I love looking out at nature’s best canvas painting. 


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