A Long Day Exploring Bristol

27 March 2017

Anthony and I spent last weekend together in Bristol and we were determined to make the most of our time together. We have resolved to do this on many occasions but generally end up spending most of the time in the flat, venturing out only when then sun is going to bed. This time, we stuck to our resolution and I’m so glad we did.

We had a quiet Friday evening – I bought my picnic blanket from home and we set up camp on the bed with a spread of picnic food. We had no TV, no music and no phones so we could have a proper chat and eat lots of yummy food without any distractions. It was such a lovely start to the weekend.

Partly helped by our relaxed Friday night, we woke up early on the Saturday morning and headed out for breakfast. I absolutely love going for breakfast and don’t do it often enough.

We went to Hotel du Vin, a tactical choice as I can never decide between cereal and a cooked breakfast, so going to a hotel for breakfast meant that we didn’t have to pick between the two…and two types of breakfast is always better than one.


We actually ended up having three types as we had cereal, pastries AND a full English breakfast. I was feeling brave and so tried black pudding for the first time, it was actually quite nice but I could only manage a mouthful as I couldn’t stop thinking about what it was.


I love the interior of the hotel, they have achieved relaxed French glamour perfectly with lots of unusual pieces scattered around. We didn’t see the rooms but if they’re anything like the rest of the hotel decor, I would definitely consider it if you were planning a trip to Bristol.


After a lovely breakfast, we made our way to Clifton. We have been once before (see blog post here) but it was only a flying visit and we only saw one small part of it, so it was lovely to have a whole day to wander round.

As well as beautiful architecture, Clifton has so many independent boutiques, cafes and bars.


We came across this lovely independent pottery shop that sells beautiful hand-made items and also offers pottery lessons.


I love the idea of community gardens! It’s so lovely to come across little green (and purple and yellow it would seem) havens amongst the city streets.


After a lot of walking, our legs were getting tired and despite the attraction of a very random but presumably comfortable chair in the street, we headed off in search of a nice coffee shop.


We stumbled across a coffee shop with windows that were completely steamed up to the extent that you couldn’t see in at all. I was curious as to what was inside so opened the door and upon seeing how cosy it looked,  we decided to pop in and rest our legs on their very comfy leather sofas.


Wainwright’s Coffee has such a lovely atmosphere, I could have stayed there all day but we had more exploring to do so we eventually donned our coats and ventured back out.

Clifton has the most beautiful town houses with elegant wrought iron detailing. I imagined myself sitting on a balcony full of flowers and plants, wearing a vintage tea dress and drinking a cup of tea…then I remembered I sadly don’t live in a 1950s film and took some photos of the houses instead.


It wouldn’t be a trip to Clifton without a sight of Clifton bridge so we made a slight detour to catch a glimpse of it.


One of the neighbourhood cats wanted to join in with our aimless wandering but no matter how hard I tried, she would not look at the camera for a photo.


I came to the conclusion on our little trip that some of the Clifton residents have a slightly twisted sense of humour, I literally screamed out when I saw a creepy old lady staring out at us on the street before realising that it was a statue. It was so weird!!


We continued round the corner, and came across this equally creepy bust staring out at us from another window. Maybe there is some secret competition amongst the residents as to who can make tourists scream the most… if the judges happen to review this blog, the first one won.


After our fright, we continued on to the White Rabbit to watch the rugby with some of Anthony’s friends.

I’m not a huge fan of watching sports but it was the nicest and cosiest pub, I felt like I was in a Pinterest style cinema with all of the fairy lights and cute prints on the brick walls.


I made friends with the loveliest dog and Irish Setters are now top of my list for our future pet, they have the glossiest locks!


We ordered a panini to share and sat down to enjoy the rugby (which really means that Anthony enjoyed the rugby and I stroked the dog).


We headed back to the flat after the matches (notice the plural – when Anthony suggested we watch the rugby at the pub, he conveniently missed out the fact that there were multiple matches!) feeling very happy and pleased that we had made the most of our day. It felt like the longest Saturday ever as we were up and out so much earlier than normal, it was such a nice feeling and we will definitely try and make it a habit for future weekends together.


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