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A Lavender Massage

30 July 2017

A few months ago I booked to have a massage…in a lavender field! It sounded amazing and I was so excited in the months leading up to it. 

After a couple of months of looking at the photos on their Instagram account, the day finally came. 

I was looking forward to it immensely and having seen on the website that it would run regardless of the weather, I was very relieved to see that it was nice weather on the day of my booking. My massage was at 10am and it wasn’t meant to rain until the afternoon so I drove down very excited for a morning of pure relaxation. 

We pulled up at the Hop Shop and I did a little squeal at seeing the purple fields. 

As soon as we got out of the car, we were hit by the smell of lavender. We wandered to the main site to ask for directions on where to go. Everywhere looked so quaint and I instantly felt relaxed and ready for my hour of pampering. 

Lauren and I checked in and waited outside the massage area while Mum and Jess popped to the coffee cart for a drink while they waited for us to be finished. 

I spotted the umbrellas in the field and excitedly waited for the masseuse to come out. 

Despite it being sunny, we were told that all of the treatments were to be done in a marquee in the field and I was so disappointed. We were told that it had rained half way through treatments the day before so they decided today to hold all of them in the marquee today. It wasn’t meant to rain until the afternoon and there were no rain clouds in sight so this was a bit frustrating but we stayed positive and excitedly got ready. 

I was hoping to go into a completely relaxed state but the gentleman at the next table (about 2 feet away) was having what sounded like a physiotherapy session rather than a massage and so there was a lot of talking about his injury and different things he could try to help with the pain. The whole experience was not what I had expected. I was hoping to be in the middle of a field, looking down at lavender, listening to the sound of birds and being immersed in the fragrant smell. Instead, I looked down at marquee floor and the masseuse’s bag under the bench and listened to the next table talking. 

It has the potential to be an amazing treatment and if there are other businesses near you that offer similar treatments then definitely take a look but for me, this experience was not worth the money. 

Despite the disappointment, I still had a lovely day and enjoyed exploring the lavender fields. 

Lauren had to leave after the massage for a wedding but Mum, Jess and I booked on to a tour of the lavender fields. 

A lady called Hazel ran the tour and she was brilliant.

She took the group to a gazebo in another lavender field and talked to us about the history of the land and the family that own the farm, the uses of lavender and how they maintain it and harvest it when it is ready. 

We then had an opportunity to walk through the field and take photos.  

We were taken into the distillery and shown how the lavender is turned into lavender oil. The smell of lavender isn’t actually that pleasant at this stage and it takes 6 months for the liquid in the large tub below to become clear and smelling of lavender. 

The farm document how much lavender is produced each year on the wall and they explained that it varies hugely dependent on the weather.  

We continued the tour into one of their barns where Hazel showed us some of the products they produce and sell in their shop. 

Once the tour was finished, we popped into the shop and picked out a few lavender products to use at home. 

 I had a lovely day still and hopefully one day I will get my relaxing massage in a lavender field. 

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