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    Twas the Night Before Black Friday

    23 November 2017

    Twas the night before Black Friday, when all through the land,  People’s spending was getting seriously out of hand. I must buy more things while the prices are low, More shoes, clothes and make up, some bedding, a throw, I know I don’t need them but I can always do with more, It doesn’t matter about money, that’s what credit cards are for. I have seen so many adverts I really can’t resist,  Finally I can get everything in my…

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    As some of you may know, we have recently moved from Kent to Bristol, it is a big change but we are both very happy here and it is such a beautiful part of…

    16 November 2017
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    Savonlinna – The Pearl of Lake Saimaa

    Savonlinna was the nearest big town to us so we really had to visit it while we were in Finland. It is referred to as the pearl of Lake Saimaa and is most famous…

    6 November 2017
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    The Northern Lights

    Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a dream of mine, as it is for most people. When we initially decided to go to Finland, I was looking to go to the North of…

    3 November 2017
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    Lets Take our Hearts for a Walk in the Woods

    I love being outdoors and going for walks in the countryside, I love the fresh air, the silence and the simplicity of it all. Our walk through the Finnish woodland was definitely one of…

    2 November 2017
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    The Land of the Thousand Lakes

    Finland is often referred to as the ‘land of the thousand lakes’ and it is not difficult to see why. Finland actually has a few more than a thousand, it has 188,000 to be…

    1 November 2017
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    A Spontaneous Sunset

    Every sunset is beautiful but the sunsets in Finland were the most beautiful I had ever seen.  When driving back to the cottage one evening, we saw a sign for parking and were simply…

    25 October 2017
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    A Relaxing Week in Finland

    Anthony and I have recently come back from the most relaxing week of our lives. I absolutely love going on cottage breaks (see The Hayloft post from last year) and we had already had our sunny…

    18 October 2017
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    My First Experience of Fishing

    When Anthony suggested fishing recently, I had visions of us sitting by a secluded lake somewhere in the sun, with me reading against a tree and Anthony fishing by my side. My image started…

    2 October 2017
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    Castle Park in Bristol

    We were very lucky with our Summer this year with some beautiful weekends of sunshine and clear skies. Although being in Anthony’s studio flat wasn’t ideal on hot days, it forced us to go…

    10 September 2017
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    Bristol International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

    Bristol’s International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta conveniently coincided with our four-year anniversary, providing us with the perfect way to celebrate.  The balloons launch at 6am and 6pm but we figured that it would be…

    27 August 2017